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Ideal for home

The HomeControl+ Internal IP Camera allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world from your smart phone or tablet.

Linked up to the HomeControl+ Security System you can get notifications of event which you can then verify through the cameras.

However the HomeControl+ Cameras are much more than just a security device, you can check on pets while you are at work or have the piece of mind that your can make sure an elderly relative is ok. With the internal speaker and microphone your can let them know you are there or check how they are, or tell the dog to get off the sofa. You can keep an eye on the kids in the house or garden (with the HomeControl+ External Camera) making sure that they are happy and playing nicely.

The HD 720p streaming on the HomeControl+ cameras can also be recorded so you can capture precious moments with the press of a button.

Ideal for business

The HomeControl+ Internal HD camera is also ideal if you own a small business or chain of businesses.

You can connect to multiple cameras through one app allowing you to set up a number of cameras in more than one building or room. This will allow you to quicly and easily varify any alerts you get from your security system, check if anyone is still on the premisis and with the HomeControl+ security system you can remotely set your alarm and check on your system status. Using the wired automation outputs on the HomeControl+ Panel you could even lock up or close the shutters from the comfort of your home once you have checked that all your staff have left.

Video verification

The new HomeControl+ IP cameras allow you to easily and quickly get video verification of alerts or alarms in your property.

Designed for use in commercial and private homes

With the ability to connect multiple cameras to the HomeControl+ App it is ideal for any size property or business and with easy installation which allows you to name the camera how you wish you can quickly and easily find the device you want no matter how many you have connected.

Pan and tilt

With 340 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical pan and tilt function the HomeControl+ Internal Camera can view a wide area, scanning an entire room with out the need for additional cameras.

HD quality streaming

The HomeControl+ Internal 1.3 megapixel Camera features 720p video streaming with frame rate of 25fps and H.264 compression.

WIFI or LAN enabled devices

With 2 connection choices the Internal Camera is easy to fit even when it is not possible to get an Ethernet cable to the device.

PyronixCloud HomeControl+ enabled devices

The HomeControl+ range is managed through the PyronixCloud, hosted on Amazon Web Services with AES 256 encryption and cross verification of the devices making this a highly secure system.

The PyronixCloud does not require onsite configuration of the network and no static IP address needed so it is quick and easy to install.

Works even in harsh environment

The operating temperature for the HomeControl+ Cameras is -20°C - 55°C making it ideal for internal rooms where the temperature may fluctuate or get very low or high through the day or night.

8m Night Vision Range

You can view your property, up to 8m away from your camera at night with out the need for additional lighting.

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