2/3 Bedroom alarm system.This Enforcer Wifi HomeControl+ Kit alarm System kit comes supplied and installed in Cambridgeshire,Suffolk & Norfolk by a professional, friendly family installer.

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The pack includes two keyfobs, a door contact, an Ex- sounder , two PIR detectors and of course the Enforcer HomeControl+ Panel, to give you the basis for your two-way wireless Enforcer security system.

Use the HomeControl+ App available on iOS and Android smart devices to control your Enforcer HomeControl+ system from anywhere in the world using secure IP connections.

The PyronixCloud (www.pyronixcloud.com) allows you to register your Enforcer HomeControl+ Panel and control the permissions of your HomeControl+ App users.

To enable the communication between Control panel and HomeControl+ App a Wifi communicator is included.

Key Features:
HomeControl+ App Compatibility
4 Independent Areas
PyronixCloud Compatible
868MHz Transceiver FM technology
Pyronix two way wireless technology
3 Wired outputs (expandable to 19)
Programmable supervision time
Instant two way device control (ITDC)
4 Arm modes (4 Partition version optional)
32 Wireless inputs
80 User codes
32 wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
Two-way Wireless Techology
Instant two-way Device Control
Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)

The Kit includes:
1 x Enforcer HomeControl+ (control panel)
2 x Room detectors
1 x Mini magnetic door contact
2 x Four-button key fob

1 x Wireless Outside Sounder

SSAIB Installation.

The Pyronix Enforcer is an Award Winning wireless system that includes a control panel, integrated keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the Pyronix two way wireless technology, making it ideal for COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL and INDUSTRIAL customers.

Pyronix have made it simple for you to get installing their compact wireless control panel really quickly by giving you all you need in one box.

The detectors in the kits are all Pet Friendly KX10DP-WE, however these can be converted to standard KX12DQ-WE by removing the pet mask in the lens.

Expert security with two-way wireless technology

Enforcer two-way wireless technology is designed to ensure high security protection for users, with simple and easy installation and maintenance for installers.

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) & jamming detecton

Some of the award-winning features found on all wireless devices, such as Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) and jamming detection, combine to provide a system that is simple to install, while maintaining a reliable and secure wireless protocol.

Highly secure wireless encryption

128 bit encryption provides effective protection for signals being transmitted by the system and prevents code grabbing. This gives the wireless BUS a very high level of protection, ensuring peace of mind for users and installers alike.

300m transmition range

The high sensitivity receiver allows a wireless signal range of up to 300m in open space, eliminating the need for repeaters and reducing installation costs.

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