Fire detection and alarms

You need an upgrade?
You need a new fire system?
You need a survey and help designing a fire alarm?
Don’t worry about this, you can rely on our ‘problem solving’ surveyors to listen and understand your needs.


Your problems are

You have been told your system is obsolete –  Are you sure? 

You have been told you need replace your fire alarm system, but you are not sure?  Get a second opinion from us

Your system has reached the point of replacement 

Your fire risk assessment requires you to make additions or upgrade?

Your fire alarm system doesn’t do what you need – time for an upgrade

Your system is riddled with faults and the system is no longer reliable


How can we solve your problems?

We take time to understand your needs so that you receive exactly what you want and need

We specialise in fire alarms and with over 25 years experience, will fix all errors possible

What this means to you

You will only receive and pay for what you want and need

Errors can be solved easily, over the phone from us

Far less false alarms from poor engineering

You will no longer disrupt the fabric of your building 

Radio or Wired Fire alarm system?

Our installation team are focused on delivering excellent quality and sensitively installed fire detection and alarm systems.
You may need a radio or wired system, there are pros and cons for both.

Pro’s For Radio  

  • No disruption to the fabric of the building

  • No wires

  • No loss of working space

  • No business downtime

  • Weeks of installation reduced to days

  • Quick system replacement

Con’s for Radio 

  • If it is not surveyed correctly you will have problems

  • There is a small battery change cost in year 4 to 5 (Depending on Fire/Security and usage)

  • If the maintenance is not carried out the system will end up costing you money

Pro’s For Wired 

  • More suitable for new build

  • Cheaper technology available (non-addressable)

  • Can be forgiving if not maintained (highly unrecommended)

Con’s for Wired 

  • Disruptive to buildings during installation

  • Loss of saleable space during installation

  • Installation is a lot more time consuming